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Guide to Music Streaming | Best Wireless Speakers & Music Streamers

April 28, 2023

Want to make sense of the often complicated world of music streaming? This introductory guide will help you find your way to the digital promise land. ListenUp product specialists Scotty Genaw and Nile Crespo will be your guides, navigating the landscape and providing the knowledge behind the products that transform 0s and 1s into pure analog bliss.

The first category they’ll cover is Wireless Home Speakers with products from Sonos, Bluesound, Denon and Devialet. They’ll highlight the benefits of this very popular category, most notably convenience.

Next they’ll cover Music Streamers—a category that adds sound quality to the convenience of streaming for the ultimate HiFi experience. They’ll walk you through streamers from Cambridge, HiFi Rose, Aurender and more, all of which offer high-resolution listening that in some cases exceeds traditional sources like vinyl and CDs.