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Moon’s Most Accessible Integrated Amp Ever! The New 250i V2

March 27, 2023

Introducing the new Moon 250i V2—a redesigned version of Moon’s legendary base-level integrated amplifier. It features an upgraded circuit design, a new shielded power supply and, for the first time, a moving magnet phono preamplifier. The 250i is an analogue design classic that delivers the renowned Moon audio performance and represents outstanding value.

The new 250i builds on the foundations of the previous award-winning models. The upgraded circuit design provides an improvement in sound quality and the addition of the MM phono preamplifier increases functionality—for the first time, turntables can now be connected to the 250i, allowing you to enjoy natural and precise vinyl replay.

The upgrades are all housed in the classic MOON 250i chassis which has been built to Moon’s meticulous audio engineering standards. It features simple-to-operate and satisfyingly tactile controls and is available in either black or two-tone black/silver finish.

The 250i V2 offers both smooth musical authority and a timeless design.