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The HiFi Rose RS250—DAC, Network Streamer, Game-Changer!

August 16, 2022

The RS250 from HiFi Rose is beyond HiFi. It has everything you’d expect for a performance streamer, including an ESS Tech ES9038 Q2M DAC, low-noise linear power supply, ultra high-resolution decoding, and complete streaming service support. But it’s much more than a great-sounding streamer. It’s a complete media system! The engaging 8.8 inch touchscreen lets you see and do more. When listening to music tracks from your favorite streaming service, the HiFi Rose will display album artwork in brilliant, full color detail, along with in-depth artist info pulled from various sources on the web for a unique, curated experience. Aside from album cover art, the display can simulate a vintage clock radio, the front panel of an old-school FM tuner, or a pair of classic VU meters.

Another great feature is Rose Tube. This function scans YouTube for only the highest resolution videos and live performances of your favorite artists and puts them into a curated list on the device to be viewed in Ultra HD 4K on the display or your TV via HDMI out.