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The Sony Bravia XR X93L w/ Leon Studio Frame Review

March 08, 2024



Captivating even when it’s off. That’s the beauty, literally, of an Art TV. And the new Sony Bravia X93L & Leon Studio Frame combo is currently at the top of our list for TVs that can do double duty as decor. 

X93L w/ Leon Frame Art Capability 

Available for both 65” and 75” models, the Leon Studio Frame transforms a boring black box when the TV is off into a brilliant piece of art, giving you the chance to enjoy incredible Mini LED contrast and brightness and up the decor of your home all in one package. 

The Leon Frame works seamlessly with X93L. Just pick out the frame color that suits your taste—Studio Walnut, Studio Grain White, Studio Matte Black, or Studio Oak—and it integrates easily with the X93L—watch installation video. Included is a thumb drive that plugs into the TV, allowing you to load the Sony Art Frame Gallery app. The app includes 70 works of art from Sony’s Alpha photography collection, The National Gallery Collection of Paintings, and an exclusive piece by Detroit-based artist Mike Han. You can even upload your own images, including your digital photography collection. 

Additionally, with the app you can pick out matts to enhance the art. And there are a multitude of matt sizes and colors available. You can even adjust the brightness of the artwork displayed to be more vibrant or subtle. It allows you the opportunity to completely customize and update artwork whenever you like. 

For energy savings and convenient functionality, there is a builtin motion and light sensor that will turn the TV off when the room is vacant. And it can be programmed to turn off at night or different times of day. 

Sony X93L Picture Performance

Aside from its art capability, the Sony Bravia XR X93L offers incredible picture quality for movies and shows. Mini LED contrast and brightness, powered by Sony’s intelligent Cognitive Processor XR, incorporates thousands of Mini LEDs, controlled by an XR Backlight Master Drive, delivering a picture full of vibrant color and detail even in rooms get tons of sunlight. The X93L gives you a Home Theater level experience anywhere in the house. 

Sony & Leon Frame Art TV Conclusion

TVs have long been the centerpiece of great rooms and living rooms. But as they’ve become larger (the average TV size is now 75 inches) the need for TVs to do more when they are not in use has increased along with their size—who wants a big black box hanging on their wall whenever you are not consuming content? That’s what makes the Sony X93L with Leon Studio Frame such a great choice. It gives you incredible Mini LED picture performance for movies and shows, and a huge collection of art to display otherwise. Plus, the ability to program the art, so switching back and forth is no trouble at all.