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Amazing Sound & Build | JL Audio Dominion d108

April 16, 2024



Founded in 1975 by college buddies with a passion for sound, James Birch and Lucio Proni, JL Audio is well known for a range of Hi-Fi gear, including car audio, marine audio, home and mobile audio. But they are best known for their subwoofers. And for good reason. They have pioneered core technologies that have propelled their subwoofers to be the ultimate in power, performance and durability.

JL Audio Driver Design

Chief among them is their driver design—robust and extremely powerful with tons of excursion for deep impactful bass. And a build quality that is beyond the norm. Not many subwoofers are known for their longevity but JL subwoofers have proven to be absolute workhorses when it comes to reliability and performance. Its patented technology, especially in the way their subs handle heat, creating an environment suitable for thousands upon thousands of hours of listening. There are plenty of high-performance, musical subs but few are this well built.

Dominion d108 & d110 Subwoofers

Featuring their flagship patented designs, rare for an entry level, affordable line, is the Dominion line of subwoofers. Consisting of 2 models, the 8-inch d108 and 10-inch d110, available in both black ash and black gloss, the Dominion line benefits from JL Audio’s mastery of driver and amplifier design. They absolutely nail it in terms of compact size and affordability, ranging from $899-$1199, depending on finish.

Unlike any other product in its class, Dominion powered subwoofers combine a purpose engineered , DMA optimized, long excursion driver with a potent class D amplifier, equipped with a tightly regulated switching power supply for tight, fast, transparent bass. The Dominions are ideal for two-channel Hi-Fi systems, desk-fi, and even small recording studios. And with more than adequate low frequency extension, they excel in home theater and media room applications as well.

Dominion Build Quality

And again, these subs are built-to-last! It’s not uncommon for a JL sub to be present through multiple Hi-Fi system iterations—the one thing you may never have to upgrade. Unless you want to add two, which if you frequently engage in our content, you’ll know we highly recommend. Truth be told, subwoofers were never necessarily meant to be singular. That’s just how the market embraced them. In reality there is a lot of stereo content at the low frequency level and multiple subwoofers will allow you to fully enjoy it. And Dominion, or any of JL Audio’s subwoofer options extending up the line, are a great way to fill out your system.

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