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November 28, 2023




JBL Classic Series Rundown

Introducing JBL’s Classic Series of audio components—gear that pays tribute to Hi-Fi’s golden era in the 60s and 70s. 

Building off the iconic JBL L100s Classic Loudspeakers, the Complete Classic Series features an amplifier and a range of source components with retro looks and sound along with some modern touches to meet the needs of today’s Hi-Fi enthusiasts.

JBL SA550 Integrate Amplifier

The SA550 takes an aesthetic nod from the L100s with walnut side panels and a throwback machined aluminum faceplate. It offers 90 WPC into 8 ohms, utilizing Class G Amplification, which is similar to Class AB in its sonic character, but more efficient. 

It has a host of modern inputs, including Bluetooth Hi-Res aptX along with optical and coaxial to hook up digital sources and take advantage of the built-in ESS Sabre DAC, converting digital sources into analog bliss. For analog inputs, the SA550 offers 3 RCA and, of course, a built-in MM/MC phono stage to your turntable. 

JBL CD350 Classic CD Player

Like the SA550, the CD350 has walnut side panels and a machined aluminum faceplate to complete the classic look. It plays CDS, CD-Rs, and a host of other formats, and has a USB Type-A port to connect an external hard drive. Both optical and coaxial digital outputs mean you can connect to an external DAC to convert to analog, or you can use RCA outputs because the CD350 does feature an internal DAC. 

JBL MP350 Streaming Music Player

In keeping with the Classic Series, Walnut Side Panels and Machined Aluminum Faceplate design features are carried through in MP350 Digital Media Player, making it fit right in. Connect to the internet via ethernet or Wi-Fi and use the JBL Premium Audio Streaming App to stream music. Or you can forego the app and connect via Airplay or Chromecast and stream with Spotify or Tidal Connect. Then use the internal DAC with up to 24-bit resolution to connect to an external amp via RCA outputs or use optical and coaxial outputs to connect to an external DAC. The JBL MP350 is full of options.

JBL TT350 Classic Turntable

This 33 and 45 speed Direct-Drive Turntable is all vintage with the look of the other Classic Series components, and then some, with a complete walnut plinth. For performance features, it has an Audio-Technica MM cartridge, a low resonance S-Shaped Tone Arm and a convenient removable headshell. It does require a phono preamp, but as a fitting member of the collection, you’ll have that with the SA550 Integrated Amp. 

If you love retro style and sound but require modern connections along with a dose of modern sonic detail, then forego vintage gear and check out the JBL Classic Series.