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Technics SL-1200GR2 Direct Drive Turntable Review

November 14, 2023



Technics has refined their classic turntable with some new improvements to reduce noise and vibrations, reestablishing it as one of the most celebrated and sought after direct-drive turntables ever. Introducing the new Technics SL-1200 GR2.

In 1970, Technics developed the first direct drive turntable—a design that quickly grew on due to their reliability and low maintenance compared to belt-drive turntables. Especially with radio station DJs who couldn’t tolerate a belt-drive breakdown. 

In 1972, Technics released the very first SL 1200— a direct-drive design with mass appeal due to its appealing looks, sound quality, and, of course, reliability. Years later they improved the design by introducing the iron coreless motor, which eliminated cogging, which affects accuracy and speed— the one downside with direct-drive tables. With cogging no longer an issue the SL-1200 became more sought after than ever. 

The new SL-1200 GR2 features all of the breakthrough characteristics of the original, plus some significant advancements. First is a new noise canceling power supply, based on technology from the Technics flagship SL 1000 turntable and top-of-the-line Technics Amplifiers. Both of which are well known for being incredibly low-noise. 

Another improvement is the new Delta Sigma motor system, which reduces vibrations even further and offers a more consistent spin along with better accuracy. Finally, there is a new platter design, featuring a heavier, reinforced platter that is considerably more dense and stable.

A great thing about the SL-1200 GR2 is that you can make adjustments easily. It can accommodate a wide range of cartridges and they can be switched out with ease, so you can utilize different cartridges for different types of music. 

Starting price is $2199.95 and will be available for purchase at ListenUp.com, or any of the ListenUp showrooms beginning in December 2023.

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