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These Speakers Sound Huge! Kanto ORA Desktop Speakers Review

October 29, 2023

Kanto ORA Desktop Speakers: $349

The new Kanto ORAs are a powered, compact speaker, ideal for workspace listening, mixing, or even for small to midsize rooms. Inspired by powered studio monitors, they have the sound quality and impact of a high-end bookshelf speaker driven by a dedicated external amplifier. Don’t their size fool you. These speakers sound huge and well-defined. 

Studio Sound

With 100W of DSP-tuned, bi-amplified Class-D power, there’s a lot of power to work with and the Kanto ORAs use it well, putting forth punchy, accurate bass, textured, engaging mids, and pristine, sparkling highs. That’s why they get the handle of “Studio Monitors disguised as desktops.” By the way, these speakers are designed for Desktop Listening, but they could absolutely be used in the studio for professional mixing. 

Convenient Connectivity

You can connect the ORAs in a number of different ways. First, they offer a USB-C connection for high-res audio from your PC or Mac—you can even connect your phone USB using a dongle. Next, you can connect via RCA analog, coming from an external Streamer/DAC or turntable. Lastly, and most conveniently, you can connect via Bluetooth 5.0, giving you tons of mobility with a wireless connection. 

Subwoofer Integration

The low-end of the Kanto ORAs is already exceptional. However, if you do want to add a subwoofer for even fuller sound, their design makes it easy and optimizes the sound. The built-in crossover network of the ORAs auto directs bass to the sub. Just plug in the sub and the crossover kicks on, sending less bass to the drivers and more to the subwoofer, allowing the ORAs to optimize power to the mid and high frequencies. The result is a fuller, more detailed presentation across the entire sound spectrum. 


It’s rare that a speaker of this size can be played loud and still maintain composure. Again, they perform more like bookshelves or studio monitors that are four times the price. If you are someone who spends a lot of time listening in your workspace, you do some mixing, or you have a smaller listening space or budget that doesn’t allow for a high-priced bookshelf setup, the Kanto ORAs are for you.