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New B&W 600 Series 3

August 23, 2023

Introducing the latest evolution of Bowers & Wilkins 600 series—the new 600 Series 3!

The 600 series has long been the gateway into B&W sound and with continued advancements, brought down from the 700 and 800 series, the new S3 has a smoother, more refined sound that will have you reaching for the volume control.

New Tweeter Design

The most notable advancements are in the tweeter, starting with the dome—going from an aluminum dome in the S2 to titanium in the S3. And it’s now housed in an elongated tube-loading system, inspired by 700 series. The benefit is more open sound that is less impacted by resonance in the cabinet. In addition there is a new grill cover taken directly from the new 800 Series Signature, which helps to open up the sound even more.

Overall, the new titanium tweeter dome, longer tube loading system, and open grill cover design translate to a smoother, more refined without sacrificing detail.

Midrange Driver Motor System

For the midrange, the Continuum Cones have returned. But the S3s now have a new more powerful, lower-distortion motor assembly, brought down from the 700 series, bringing better detail and clarity to the mid-range.

And, the midrange driver and the tweeter are now positioned closer together, using intersecting trim rings to improve integration and stereo imaging.

Updated Bass Drivers & Crossovers

The twin paper cone bass drivers on the S3 also feature the motor assembly from the 700 series. The benefit will be lower distortion for better definition and more accurate bass. Plus, the new motor system provides more power to the drivers for greater bass extension and punch.

Crossovers are also updated with the inclusion of high quality bypass capacitors, delivering higher resolution and transparency.

Redesigned Cabinet

The cabinet rigidity has been improved in the new 600 S3 with better internal bracing to make it damper, cutting down vibrations. On the back of the cabinet there is a new terminal tray, taken from the 700s, providing higher quality connections and a better configuration to make bi-wiring easier. Lastly, there is a new bass port, utilizing a flush mounted design to reduce cabinet resonance and improve overall stiffness.

Listening Impressions

The biggest, most noticeable difference in sound between the S2 and S3 is the smoother high frequencies. You are getting detail and clarity in spades with the new tweeter design, but it’s not at all bright, which means you can listen for hours without fatigue. And the addition of the new motor system in the midrange and bass drivers has improved the clarity of the midrange and made the bass sounds tighter with better definition and extension.

Complete Line Up

The new Series 3 includes the 603 floor-standing speakers, the 606 stand mount, the 607 bookshelf and the HTM6 center channel speaker. A complete line up that can be used to build an amazing two-channel system or a high-performance home theater system. The entire line is available in three finishes—oak, black, or white.

Complementing the 606 and 607 are new FS 600 Series 3 stands, available in black or silver. The new stands have been redesigned to include mounting plates that allow for the 606 and 607 speakers to be bolted directly to the stands, creating a solid connection for improved performance.

A new tweeter design, a new mid and bass driver motor system, reconfigured driver placement, and a stiffer, damper cabinet. The new B&W 600 S3 has top-to-bottom improvements, delivering true HiFi sound that is truly remarkable for a line of speakers at this price point.