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Cambridge EVO 150, EVO 75, EVO CD

September 05, 2023

We should probably amend the video headline a bit and say “One Player To Do It All Very Well” because the Cambridge Audio EVO 150 and EVO 75 don’t lag in any one department— they are great in all of them. They are high-quality streaming DACs, amplifiers, preamps, and in the case of 150, a phono stage, packaged into one simple, compact, and beautifully designed chassis. It’s like the virtuoso guitar player who is also an amazing drummer, keyboard player, and singer. And, oh yeah, just so happens to be really good looking too.

For streaming, The EVO 150 and 75 provide multiple options. You can use Cambridge’s class-leading StreamMagic platform, which offers comprehensive control of the entire system, plus access to all your favorite streaming services, including Tidal, Spotify Connect, Apple Airplay 2, and more. Or, if you prefer, you can stream using the app of any of these services directly.

In addition, the EVO 150 and 75 use aptX BD Bluetooth, which allows for a high-definition, flawless connection between the system and your smartphone, laptop, or music server. Another interesting feature they offer is streaming resolution detection. Not only will the LCD tell you if you are getting a high-res MQA file from Tidal, for example, but it will detect whether the track is a standard MQA version or the most definitive version via a green or blue light. This is an awesome feature, especially if you are doing a lot of streaming and want to easily navigate toward the best-sounding tracks.

As for sound, it is clear and articulate yet punchy and powerful. They sound like a much larger system despite their compact size. That’s because of significant advancements in Class-D amplification. Initially designed for use in systems that required maximum power output from smaller spaces, Class D amplifiers did not offer the same kind of sound quality as more traditional amplifier designs. However, Class D technology has improved to the point where it can offer performance on par with most other amplifiers.

You could say the primary focus of the EVO is high-res streaming, but looking at the back panel, you wouldn’t know it. Here you’ll find almost every input imaginable, including RCA, USB, coaxial, optical, HDMI, and phono. With so many options, nothing will be left out of your system.

EVO CD is the compact disc transport developed to exclusively partner with EVO network players. It shares the same eye-catching design, is crafted from the same premium materials and is engineered to the same exacting standards. EVO CD extracts every piece of musical detail from your discs, then passes it seamlessly to EVO.

There you have it—convenience, simplicity, and exceptional sound. If you’re looking for an all-in-one player but don’t want to sacrifice performance in any one place, the EVO 150 and 75 from Cambridge are the one-man-band you’ve been looking for.