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Rundown: PrimaLuna Tube Integrated Amps, Hybrid Amp, & Phono Preamp

June 13, 2023


Join ListenUp’s Scott Genaw and Kevin Deal from PrimaLuna for a look at what makes PrimaLuna the best-built and highest-performing tube components. And get a rundown of PrimaLunaTube Integrated Amplifiers—EVO 400, 300, 200, and 100. Plus, the EVO 300 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier, and the sensational EVO 100 Phono Preamplifier.

Known for their warm, rich, and enveloping sound, tube amplifiers are highly sought after by audio enthusiasts. However, they are also known for being expensive and not always reliable given the tubes often need to be replaced, and, overall, can be finicky in terms of performance. Not anymore!

PrimaLuna offers a line of Tube Integrated Amplifiers, Power Amps, Pre Amps, Hybrids, and more that perform flawlessly and are easy to maintain. It’s all due to PrimaLuna’s proprietary Adaptive AutoBias technology. Adaptive AutoBias is designed to run tubes at the minimum dissipation (power), eliminating tube maintenance. Furthermore, it provides more slam and bandwidth through superior output transformer design, resulting in exceptional sound quality for a fraction of the cost.

Finally, tubes can be enjoyed for all their warmth and lushness in sound without all the maintenance hassles—it’s tubes for the modern age.