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In 1982, the editors-in-chief from five European photo magazines came together to select “The Camera of the Year” for the first time. Out of this meeting, EISA – the European Imaging and Sound Association – eventually emerged. Today, EISA is a unique association of 60 special interest magazines and websites from 29 countries which is internationally known for its Expert Imaging and Sound Awards. 

Let’s take a look at some of our products that are recent recipients of these highly coveted accolades and what EISA has to say about them…

These products are either available online or in our stores. More information below.

DEVIALET DIONE - Available on listenup.com and for demonstration at our Boulder Showroom.
With its debut soundbar, Devialet delivers authentic, high-fidelity home theater audio from a stylish enclosure that hides a slate of innovations. Chief among these are the brand’s proprietary ADH amplification and speaker active matching (SAM) processing, which provide both tangible power and exemplary control over the Dione’s eight independent bass units. Joining the fun are side-firing and upfiring full-range drivers for Dolby Atmos/surround playback, plus the distinctive Orb center channel, which can be rotated to ensure an accurate performance when the soundbar has been wall-mounted. In use, the Dione astonishes with its low-end poise and slam, evocative ambience and smooth detail reproduction. To hear one is to want one.

SONUS FABER OMNIA - Available on listenup.com and for demonstration at our Denver and Boulder Showrooms.
You might fall for the Omnia’s striking looks and its illuminated touch controls, but you’ll stay for the signature Sonus faber sound and sweeping feature set. Courtesy of its multi-driver array, robust amplification and advanced signal processing, this all-in-one loudspeaker brings the width and space of a traditional stereo speaker setup to a one-box design, and proves equally talented when it comes to music replay or filling a living room with clear, powerful TV sound. The Omnia is also very well connected – streaming talents include Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Roon, Tidal Connect and Spotify Connect while vinyl is more than welcome thanks to a dedicated phono input, and HDMI ARC means hooking up a TV is child’s play.

Watch a great video on the Omnia by ListenUp’s Scotty G. 

SONY WH-1000XM5 - Available on listenup.com and for demonstration at our Denver Showroom.
A headphone you’ll always want to take with you, the WH-1000XM5 finds Sony fine-tuning its flagship wireless active noise canceling design to great effect. A new-look, lightweight chassis features comfortable, cushioned ear cups that keep unwanted sounds out without applying too much pressure. Inside, 30mm drivers have been designed with noise-canceling in mind and deliver a refined sound with remarkable detail in the mid and higher ranges – codec-wise you can choose from LDAC, AAC and SBC. Four microphones ensure crisp voice calls, with another quartet deployed for recognition and reduction of external noise, so this headphone triumphs in the busiest of environments. Sony’s smartphone app leverages a wide range of functions, turning the WH-1000XM5 into the ultimate daily workhorse.

PERLISTEN S SERIES - Available on listenup.com and for demonstration at our Denver and Colorado Springs Showrooms.
Perlisten has raced out of the blocks with its S Series debut, a high-end range comprising five models. Key to its impeccable sound quality is the bespoke Directivity Pattern Control (DPC) array, a nest of beryllium tweeter and carbon-ply midrange domes that are precision engineered for controlled dispersion and pin-point imaging. A feature on all the speakers, from the range-topping S7t floorstander through monitor, center channel, standmount and height/surround options, Perlisten’s DPC brings exceptional levels of detail and nuance to movies and music, and is underpinned by rock-solid lows from custom bass drivers. Lush looks and outstanding build quality make this series even more of a winner.

PERLISTEN D215S - Available on listenup.com.
A flagship subwoofer engineered to deliver a reference-grade performance in a large cinema space – and certified THX Dominus – Perlisten’s D215s sounds as purposeful and powerful as it looks. Featuring two custom-made 15in bass drivers in a force-canceling configuration, propelled by a 3000W amplifier stage, it’s arguably no surprise this sub drops deep and slams hard. What’s perhaps more remarkable is the control and accuracy it brings to movie sound mixes and music material, traits that prove the quality of Perlisten’s cabinet design and application of advanced DSP. App-based parametric EQ and operation, comprehensive connections and a smart color touchscreen display are further reasons to adore this premium bass-maker.

MARANTZ MODEL 40N - Available on listenup.com and all of our showrooms.
Marantz’s rich history contains many landmark amplifiers, and the Model 40n ties perfectly into that heritage. Yes, it’s gorgeous to look at in either black or a silver gold finish, but more appealing still is how it fuses the brand’s performance-first ethos with a dizzying range of features. Stream digital music via the HEOS platform, connect a turntable to the MM phono input, or lace up a TV through HDMI ARC – the Model 40n is equally at home playing your analogue or digital music collection as taking TV and movie entertainment to new heights. Anyone seeking a modern, do-it-all integrated amplifier with superb sound will find it here.

Learn more about the Model 40N in this blog post.Marantz Model 40n

DENON PMA-900HNE & DCD-900NE - Available on listenup.com.
Denon’s PMA-900HNE is a perfect choice for music lovers building an affordable system with wide functionality and powerful sound. The company’s proven Advanced High Current technology is on hand to capably drive partnering loudspeakers and – in a first for a Denon integrated amp – HEOS wireless streaming and app control join a connections roster that also includes Bluetooth and a headphone socket. Using the PMA-900HNE with a turntable or television is also possible too, the latter via its ability to learn the commands of a TV remote. Pick it up with Denon’s equally affordable DCD-900NE CD player and you have a brilliant two-box system that covers all the bases.

THORENS TD 1500 - Available on listenup.com.
A turntable descended from vinyl royalty, Thorens’ TD 1500 takes the classic suspended sub-chassis principle – and design style – of its TD 150 forebear and reimagines it for the modern era. Via its factory-fitted tonearm and supplied Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge, this deck unearths commanding, weighty bass, delicious attack and a lush midband from LP grooves. Setup and operation is a breeze too, the TD 1500 benefiting from full adjustment of suspension level and tonearm height, and slick electronic speed control. However, while build, looks, and price are irresistible, it’s the TD 1500’s sound quality that will turn the most heads. This is a peerless blend of ‘old’ and ‘new’.

MOON VOICE 22 & ACE - Available on listenup.com and for demonstration in all four of our showrooms.
Adding to the Canadian company’s successful line of hi-fi components, the Voice 22 is MOON’s first foray into loudspeakers – and it’s superb. A finely crafted two-way bookshelf/standmount, it benefits from a resonance-controlled bass-reflex cabinet, striking a fine balance between crisp detail and a weighty, room-filling performance that surprises given the compact design. This sonic signature will suit a variety of amplifiers, but the Voice 22 is ideally partnered with the slim but powerful ACE all-in-one. This integrates the company’s versatile MiND 2 streaming platform, intuitive app control, and a host of physical inputs with a powerful amplifier, ensuring the MOON Voice 22/ACE system will be loved by every music aficionado in the house.

Check out this video on the MOON system from ListenUp’s Scotty G.

IFI AUDIO XDSD GRYPHON - Available on listenup.com.
The portable DAC market is highly competitive, but the xDSD Gryphon stands out from the crowd thanks to its insightful sound, comprehensive feature set and extensive connectivity. A successor to the EISA Award-winning xDSD DAC, it features iFi Audio’s new OLED screen to keep you informed about input choice, bitrates and more, plus revised, user-friendly controls. Inside, the latest Qualcomm QCC5100 Bluetooth chip supports just about every audiophile codec out there, while hi-res enthusiasts can play their collections via USB or S/PDIF connection. Add in impressively long battery life, an attractive well-built housing, and support for single-ended and balanced headphones, and the xDSD Gryphon is a leader in its class.

POLK AUDIO MAGNIFI MINI AX - Available on listenup.com.
The aim of a compact soundbar is to create a listening experience that’s far bigger than you’d expect, a trick Polk’s MagniFi Mini AX system pulls off with aplomb. From its  easy-to-accommodate 30cm-wide main enclosure and discreet partnering subwoofer comes a detailed, full-range soundfield, with appreciable reach and effects positioning provided by Polk’s in-house Stereo Dimensional Array (SDA) processing. Day-to-day operation and connectivity are equally appealing, this soundbar’s inputs ranging from HDMI eARC to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and user adjustments including a mode for boosting dialogue clarity from the dedicated center channel. When space is at a premium, the MagniFi Mini AX should be at the top of your wish-list.Polk Magnifi Mini AX

DENON AVR-X1700H - Available on listenup.com and for demonstration at our Denver Showroom.
An entry-level seven-channel AV receiver with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X decoding, Denon’s AVR-X1700H earns best-in-class status by virtue of its forward-thinking connectivity, foolproof usability and – of course – sound performance. This affordable receiver approaches multichannel mixes with relish, sounding energetic and dynamic, while its trio of HDMI 2.1 inputs, with support for advanced video formats from next-gen consoles, makes it a welcome addition to a gaming setup. Add in HEOS multiroom integration, Bluetooth/network streaming (including playback of hi-res files) and compatibility with voice assistants, and the AVR-X1700H becomes the very definition of value for money.

SONY XR-65A95K - Available on listenup.com and at all four of our showrooms.
Sony’s best-ever OLED TV features all-new QD-OLED panel technology, based on blue-light diodes and a Quantum Dot layer. As a result, the XR-65A95K’s peerless images offer deep blacks, intense colors and brightness beyond all expectations, perfected by Sony’s multi-faceted Cognitive Processor XR. Movie and TV content looks sublime, and naturally this flagship model is ready for gamers with VRR, ALLM and 4K/120Hz playback. Cementing the XR-65A95K’s status as a high-end OLED all-rounder is the innovative Acoustic Surface Audio+ sound system, which provides detailed, full-range 2.2-channel sonics that benefit from automatic calibration. Smart skills are handled by Google TV (including access to the BRAVIA CORE movie library) and the supplied Full HD resolution BRAVIA CAM that enables video chat, power saving and more.

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